Work with serial devices connected to serial ports on remote PC as if they were connected to local PC.

There is a serial device connected to physical serial port of the remote PC. You need to communicate with the device using a serial application running on your local PC.

A copy of Network Serial Port Kit is installed on the remote PC. It's used to share physical serial port to which the device is connected.

Another copy of Network Serial Port Kit is installed on the local PC. By means of it virtual serial port is created and connected to the physical serial port of the remote computer over network.

Example 1

Now you can use your serial application on the local PC to communicate with remote serial device via virtual serial port.

Connect usual serial communications software over local network or the Internet.

You have serial communications software installed on different PCs. And there is no possibility to connect these PCs directly using RS-232 null-modem cable (no available serial ports or long distance between PCs). But both PCs are connected to the local network.

Using Network Serial Port Kit on each PC you can create pair of virtual serial ports and connect those virtual ports over network.

Data written to virtual serial port by application on one PC can be read by application on another PC and vice versa.

Example 2

Serial communications application opens virtual serial port like usual physical one. And that's why you don't have to change your communications software.

Convert usual computer to multi-port serial device server.

As you know the software solutions are more cost effective than hardware solutions.

Network Serial Port Kit performs the same function as a hardware serial device server except it is a software program that runs on a Windows based computer and uses PC's serial ports.

Network Serial Port Kit converts usual computer to multi-port serial device server. Number of serial devices is limited by number of available COM ports only.

Example 3

Serial Device Server is a hardware device that connects any serial devices (POS terminal, barcode scanner, weight scale, LED display, tunnel scanner, credit card reader, PBX, UPS etc.) to a network and provides an I/O path to serial device over TCP/IP network.

Because Network Serial Port Kit can do its job in the background, you still have a PC that you can use for other tasks.

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