Connection Settings

As soon as communications application opens virtual serial port, Network Serial Port Kit tries to connect with serial port on a remote computer. There is also a possibility to set up behaviour of Network Serial Port Kit regarding network connection.

Network Serial Port Kit allows configuring connection settings for each connection individually.

Select virtual serial port, click Properties button and then click Connection Settings tab.

Connection Settings
Use Custom Connection Timeout
Maximum connection timeout specifies timeout (in seconds) used when connecting to remote Network Serial Port Kit. Within this period, local Network Serial Port Kit will try to establish connection with remote computer.
Auto-Reconnect when Connection is Broken
Reconnect interval: specifies period of time (in seconds) used when connection is lost or connection with remote computer cannot be established. Local Network Serial Port Kit will try to reconnect to remote computer periodically on the expiry of this time.

Program Behaviour

"Auto-reconnect when connection is broken" is enabled
Communications applications sucessfully opens virtual serial port, even if there is still no connection with the remote side.
"Auto-reconnect when connection is broken" is disabled
Communications application will open virtual COM port as soon as connection is established.
If connection cannot be established, it is considered as "broken" and virtual serial port will not be opened by communications application.