Cannot connect to the remote computer or TCP-port

This error can be caused by a lot of reasons most of which are common networking issues. Possible troubleshooting steps are:

  1. Ensure that Network Serial Port Kit is installed on the remote computer.
  2. Ensure that the specified IP address and TCP port are correct. TCP-port number should be the same on both sides. Default TCP-port number is 33600.
  3. Ensure that TCP-port is not blocked by firewall. Add Network Serial Port Kit to the exclude list of your firewall, if needed.
  4. Check if Network Serial Port Kit service is running.
  5. Contact support team if none of these steps resolve the issue. Provide us with technical info about program and OS versions, text of the error message and other details.

If our software crashes, do the following:

If there is a BSOD caused by our software, do the following: