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Network Serial Port Kit Overview


You can easily share and access remote printers and hard disks over network. But there is no standard solution which allows working with remote serial devices.

GPS-receivers, barcode scanners, modems, sensors, PBX, laboratory equipment are not usually dedicated to be shared over network.

Common Solution

It's good if you are able to unplug serial device from a computer and plug it into another one. But often it's very difficult task, especially if that device is located in another building or even in another city.

FabulaTech Solution

Using Network Serial Port Kit you can share physical serial port with connected device and then access this device from any other computer over local network or the Internet.

At the same time, virtual serial port is created on computer from which you want to access serial device and it's the exact copy of remote physical serial port with the connected device.

Data are forwarded over network from physical serial port to virtual serial port and vice versa. An application on local computer works with serial device via virtual serial port not suspecting that the serial device is in another place.

Virtual Null-Modem Cable over Network

You can easily use Network Serial Port Kit for creating virtual null-modem connections over network. In other words, you can connect two communications applications running on different computers by means of virtual null-modem cable over network.

At that, virtual serial ports are created on both computers and they look like physical serial ports for communications applications. Data written to local virtual serial port are automatically forwarded to remote virtual serial port and vice versa.

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"I am so glad to finally have found something that really works. I have tried so many different programs, I was just about convinced that nothing would work, but now I have changed my mind. Thanks for the quality!"

James Westmoreland

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