Sharing Serial Port on Remote Computer

1. Click button to share serial port.

2. Select physical serial port you want to share from drop-down list and click OK.

The program will share physical serial port making it available for remote computers.

Accessing Remote Serial Port from Local Computer

1. Click Add Conncection to add connection with a remote serial port.

2. Select virtual serial port number from the drop-down list. A remote serial port will be accessed by means of this virtual serial port.

Specify remote serial port location (computer name or IP address and TCP-port).

Then click Next button. The program will have retrieved the list of ports which are shared on the remote computer.

3. Now, select remote serial port you want to access from drop-down list and click Finish button.

The program will create virtual serial port. Every time, when communications application opens this serial port, it connects with remote shared serial port.

Important! Once created virtual serial ports are operable at each system startup.

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