Satellite Terminal

We are developing a satellite terminal controlled through serial communication. We currently have four demo and test units located on the roof our facility connected to a local PC host.

In order to market and test our device we need to access the terminal from remote locations. For example, when performing demonstrations for customers it would be beneficial to have real time access to the terminals located on our roof. This would allow for various representatives around the world to present and interact with our most up to date product whenever needed. Furthermore, some software development is done offsite. Again, having remote access to a centraly located device would allow everyone involved on new upgrades, both on and offsite, to work on the same physical device.

Network Serial Port Kit

The Network Serial Port Kit has met all of our needs. We found out about the kit through an online search and have tried it, along with competitors, with great results. With the capabilities provided by NSPK our offsite representatives and developers can have direct access to the terminals at any time. Using NSPK will no doubt be useful tool in the future as it continues to boost our marketing credability and ensure efficient development of our product.

Remote Device Accessing

When compared with similar products NSPK has presented us with a simple to use, reliable service for remotley accessing multiple serial ports on a single server computer.

EMS Technologies - SATCOM Division

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